Important Topper Information

The following list of informational facts are some of the key points that you need to know about mattress toppers:
1. According to surveys given by some individual companies, around ninety percent of memory foam users believe that the best mattress toppers make the bed more comfortable and give the user a better and deeper night’s sleep.
2. The prices for mattress toppers can greatly vary. The difference in the prices are caused by the difference in the quality and thickness of the material used in creating the topper.
3. They are heat sensitive, so it could take some time for the topper to get used to your body’s temperature.


Before buying a memory foam topper you should know:
1. Do not settle for the first mattress you try. Try a variety of others as well so that you can get the best fit options for you.
2. The memory foam mattress topper with a thickness of three inches or greater and the density of about five to six pounds will provide support for the longest period of time.
3. The thicker you want your mattress topper to be, the more expensive it will get, so try to find a thickness that will make you comfortable without spending to much.
4. Amazon has one of the largest markets for mattress toppers so it is recommended that you start your shopping there.

The advantages and disadvantages of using mattress toppers:
1. It adds more comfort to your night’s sleep by putting some force on your pressure points, relieving you of pain. Also, it prevents you from getting up in the middle of the night; mattress toppers cut down on tossing and turning in bed.
2. Mattress toppers have a very long lifespan so you always get your money’s worth.
3. The thickness of the memory foam topper may cause your sideways movements to become more difficult.
4. The topper may feel so good that it becomes an addiction, making it difficult to sleep without it.

Mattress Toppers A Worthy Investment
Adding a mattress topper to your mattress is a great way to help improve the quality and comfort of your sleep. They come in a variety of sizes, materials, and prices so there will always be a topper for you. Mattress toppers in general are around 75% less expensive than a new mattress which makes purchasing a new mattress topper a wise investment. If you are in the market to buy a mattress topper then there are some things to consider and it takes a little research to find the best deal for you.

The most important aspects you must consider are: density, resilience, fair price, depth, value and any guarantees. Mattress pads can be anywhere between one and six inches; however if they are thicker than four inches, you will be paying substantially more money for very little added benefit. If you are looking for a topper of that thickness, then you should just consider ordering a new mattress set. Most people are fully satisfied with a 3 or 4 inch topper.

The quality of sleep and comfort you get from mattresses toppers not only depends on its thickness, but also the density of the foam. A 4 inch topper with poor quality foam won’t be as comfortable as a 2 inch topper with more highly dense foam. Another point to consider is that the thicker a topper is, the softer it will feel. Memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers have their density measured in pounds per cubic foot. A 4 lb. density foam is reccomended to go by when looking at memory foam.

A mattress pad is definitely one of the items you do not want to shop for based on only its cost. If a mattress topper is expensive then it tends to be thicker and better quality. A poor quality topper may last a year or less, while a good quality topper will be good for 5-10 years at least. Even though finding the perfect mattress topper may be a little harder than you originally thought, it will be well worth it after you get that first really great night’s sleep.


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